About DerivaDEX

DerivaDEX is a noncustodial decentralized exchange offering derivative products, initially focused on perpetual swaps. DerivaDEX uses a custom off-chain operator network for matching and trade execution, while deposits and withdrawals are managed by on-chain Ethereum contracts.

The exchange is owned and managed by the DerivaDAO, comprised of all DDX holders who must vote on and approve any modifications or updates to the exchange.

DerivaDEX is on Ethereum Mainnet in a limited-access Pilot release.

The testnet is availale at testnet.derivadex.io on the Ethereum Sepolia test network.

Some key features of DerivaDEX include:

  • a highly-liquid central-limit order book

  • a real-time, secure price feed allowing for speedy liquidations with a DAO-governed insurance fund, underpinning a robust UX with respect to solvency

  • cross-margin leverage providing for flexibility of capital usage suitable to a trader's individual needs

  • off-chain, high-performance matching and liquidations facilitated by a decentralized network of trusted-hardware enabled nodes, providing for a tamper-proof and front-running-resistant exchange

  • a sane liquidity mining program that increases users' voting power in the DAO proportional to their usage of the platform, while bootstrapping liquidity on the exchange in a healthy and sustainable manner

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