Voting and Delegation

  • All proposals can be voted upon by DDX holders in the governance app:

  • Anyone who has participated in insurance mining, and has claimed their DDX, will be able to vote from their connected account.

Voting process

Submission: Proposals must be submitted by an address that holds (and maintains throughout the entire proposal process) >1% of the circulating supply. This is intended to cut down on the number of spam proposals and malicious proposals. After the governance cliff is lifted, users can delegate freely, which should enable a wider range of participants to make proposals.

Voting: When a proposal is submitted on-chain, there is a 3-day voting period. This voting period may be shorter if >50% of the circulating supply votes “FOR” or “AGAINST”, at which point the proposal is immediately Succeeded and Queued, or Fails. A successful proposal requires at minimum a quorum of >4% of the circulating supply.

Queuing and Execution: The successful proposal is then Queued for 3 days. At the end of the 3-day queue, the proposal can be executed.


DDX can be delegated via the interface.

  • Initially, all Trader wallet DDX is automatically delegated to the user-owned connected account (EOA).

  • Now that the governance cliff is lifted via a successful proposal, users are able to withdraw DDX from their Trader wallet to their EOA and then delegate to any desired third party.

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