USDC Withdrawals

To make a withdrawal, a wallet must be connected, and a user must have collateral to withdraw.

Initiating the Withdrawal

First, select the "withdraw" button, located on the left side of the interface.

After doing this, the withdrawal panel will open.

Here, you can select:

  • which Strategy you want to withdraw collateral from (currently, only one strategy per trader is supported)

  • The type of collateral you will withdraw (only USDC is supported currently)

  • The amount you want to withdraw. Note: you can only withdraw funds in "free collateral". If you want to withdraw all collateral, you must first close your open positions and orders.

You cannot withdraw to a different address than the one which you have deposited with.

After you've made your selections, select "initiate withdrawal". This will freeze your funds from being used as collateral on the exchange. Please be aware, this will affect your free collateral as well as your liquidation price on any open positions.

Pending: "pending" reflects the amount of USDC you have initiated for withdrawal, but is not yet ready to be completed. If you initiate multiple withdrawal requests before the next on-chain checkpoint, the total sum will be reflected in pending.

Allowed: "allowed" reflects USDC that is now free to be withdrawn completely to your externally owned address (your connected Ethereum address).

If you deposited more than 10,000 USDC, any excess collateral will *immediately* be placed into "allowed" for withdrawal. This collateral can be removed from the exchange, but cannot be used as collateral for trading.

In the next checkpoint (approximately ~10 minutes), you will need to click "Complete withrawal".

After this, the withdrawn funds will appear in your Ethereum account.

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