Making a USDC collateral deposit

Ensure you have an Ethereum address and USDC to deposit as collateral.

For use on the Sepolia testnet, you will need to make sure you are on the Sepolia network and have Sepolia ETH and USDC.

Have USDC but having trouble making a deposit on testnet? You may have tokens from an outdated deployment. Hop in the Discord and request support.

Select "Deposit" in the left side of the UI.

When the Deposit pane opens, approve the USDC token if you have not already. Then, select the amount of USDC you would like to deposit as collateral. Please note, there are currently several important limitations

  • Traders can only deposit 10,000 USDC. If you deposit more collateral, it will automatically be added to your frozen collateral. You can withdraw it, but it is not available as collateral for trading.

  • Only USDC is currently supported as collateral.

  • There is a deposit minimum of 1,000 USDC.

Making a DDX deposit

Users can also deposit DDX to pay trading fees.

Select the "Deposit" button from the top left of the UI.

Next, navigate to the "Deposit DDX" tab in the panel that comes out. Then, "approve token" so that you can deposit DDX.

Finally, enter the amount of DDX that you would like to deposit.

Select "Deposit" and sign the transaction using your wallet. Your DDX will be available on the exchange in 6 confirmations.

DDX is not used as collateral: DDX can be used on the exchange to pay for trading fees (and receive a discounted rate).

If you would like to use DDX to pay for trading fees, toggle this option using the UI. You will need to sign this request using your wallet.

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