DerivaDEX Improvement Proposals (DIPs)

DerivaDEX Improvement Proposals

DerivaDEX Improvement Proposals (DIPs) should be very familiar to contributors or participants in the EIP ecosystem. However, the DIP process has some key differences because DerivaDEX proposals all utilize on-chain execution.

For an in-depth discussion of the DIP process, please visit the DIP repository:

  • Anyone can participate in the DIP process, either via submitting a PR or providing feedback

  • DIPs are for proposals that have reached draft stage only! Use the governance forum for early-stage idea coordination and development.

Each DIP will consist of two PRs to the DIP repo: Proposal Spec — A DIP-n.mdfile detailing the proposal. The proposal spec PR will be merged to master if and only if an on-chain governance proposal is actually made. Implementation — The corresponding implementation. The implementation PR will be merged tomaster if and only if the proposal successfully executes on-chain. Once a proposal has been executed, both PRs will be merged to the DIP repo. If a proposal is in draft, open for voting, queued, failed or cancelled, only the proposal spec PR will be merged.

Proposal stages

Idea — An idea that is pre-draft. This is not tracked within the DIP Repository. There is no proposal spec PR nor implementation PR open. These topics belong in the “Ideas” category on the forum.

Draft — The first formally tracked stage of a DIP in development. At minimum, a proposal spec PR has been opened to garner feedback on the forum. An implementation PR at some point will be opened as well to seek additional input from the community.

Proposed — An on-chain governance proposal has been made. The proposal spec PR will be merged to master. The implementation PR will remain open.

Succeeded — The proposal has succeeded on-chain, but has not yet been queued for execution.

Failed — The proposal has failed on-chain.

Queued — The successful proposal has been queued for execution.

Cancelled — The proposal has been cancelled.

Expired — The queued proposal has expired prior to execution.

Executed — The proposal has successfully executed on-chain.

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