Get Involved

Getting involved, and contributing to the DerivaDAO and DerivaDEX protocol is open to everyone. However, it can be difficult to know how to get started.

Join a community governance call

Community governance calls are a great way to hear about the current active projects of the DAO. Anyone is free to join (or organize) a community call. Calls are coordinated and announced in the Discord.

Create a proposal

There are many areas in which contributions can build the DerivaDEX ecosystem. Some examples of contribution areas that have been discussed on community calls are:

  • DUNE or other analytic dashboards for tracking on-chain DDX activity

  • Improvements to the governance UI / additional front-end UIs for governance actions (i.e., for submitting proposals)

  • Educational content to explain aspects of the DerivaDEX protocol and how to use the DerivaDEX exchange

  • Technical support protocols and teams to help onboard and provide assistance to traders

  • Product analytics/research projects. The DerivaDAO is responsible for adding new trading products, managing the insurance fund, and many other product decisions. Providing well-researched proposals on this front is of interest to the DerivaDAO.

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