Checkpoints are how the DerivaDEX off-chain operators confirm and verify state and transactions with on-chain data (such as deposit and withdrawal events). You can view the current checkpoint in the stats bar at the top of the interface.

When you are making a withdrawal, you may periodically receive a "wrong checkpoint" error message. If this happens, please wait one additional checkpoint and try again.

Checkpoints occur roughly every 10 minutes worth of blocks (this is fewer blocks on mainnet due to the slower speed of new blocks, and faster on testnet deployments). A checkpoint contains all the exchange state, and are periodically submitted on-chain to Ethereum. Starting a withdrawal will kick off an on-chain checkpoint. Checkpoints are how DerivaDEX verifies withdrawals, and also enable the application to resume statefully if necessary.

Checkpoint technical note:

A checkpoint is the merkleized state root hash.

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