Order not executed error

If you received this error, there are a few possible resolutions

This order was not executed when the exchange attempted to process it.

  • you were not charged trading fees for this unsuccessful order

  • you were also not charged Ethereum gas fees for this unsuccessful order

Orders are not executed in this way for a small number of reasons, and this is always intended to protect traders and the exchange. These scenarios should occur very rarely in a normal trading environment. Here are some of the reasons, and solutions, for orders that are not executed:

  • "Self-match" is not permitted: if your order would have been filled by an order *you* placed on the opposite direction, this order will not be executed. You cannot match your own orders. Try cancelling the open order that would have been filled by your attempted order.

  • No orders in the book: Market orders are only permitted when there are open orders available to fill it. If you placed a market order against an empty or very illiquid book, this order would not be executed. Wait until there is liquidity in the market and try again.

  • Liquidation safeguards: if you attempted to place an order that had a high probability of liquidating you instantaneously if it were filled, this order will not be executed. Try depositing more collateral, or closing some open orders and positions.

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